KAM Kindergarten and primary school is a remarkable school, nearing 18 years of excellence in  teaching and learning. Spending any amount of time with us at  – be it one, two or seven years – becomes a lifetime experience built on the strength of relationships among pupils, parents and highly-skilled teachers. High expectations for each pupil’s learning are matched by an environment of caring and support.

Personal & Academic Excellence

We are an amazing school very much on the move and always practicing continuous improvement. Talk to any teacher or current KAM school parent and they will fill you in on our actions to continually improve. Our mandate is to ensure every pupil of ours achieves personal and academic excellence.

Rigorous Curriculum

We emphasize traditional knowledge and skills, yet ensure fluencies for critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, environmental stewardship and communicating in multiple languages. Our pupils become whole-minded thinkers who are flexible in working analytically, creatively and compassionately – and are people of uncompromising character.

Deeply Committed Faculty

KAM school teachers continuously work to expand their subject knowledge, explore 21st century technologies, discover new ways of teaching and share their deep-seated love of learning. A hallmark of our school, our teachers make strong mentoring connections with their pupils.

Innovation and Skills for the Future

We are all part of a new age where both exciting possibilities and unsettling questions exist. In response, our pupils must develop adaptable skills today to greet the jobs, opportunities, uncertainties and technology that await them tomorrow. We want our young people to have all the tools to get to the future and to thrive. 

As we actively imagine our school’s future, we point to the value of our mission and strategic plan. Our ambitious blueprint for action looks beyond the present to a future where we ensure a broadly diversified education and excellence in teaching. The backdrop is an environment of heightened expectations within a dynamic curriculum for learning, facilities, technology and resources to engage our young people intellectually, emotionally, physically and ethically. 

The days and years ahead hold remarkable possibilities for teaching and learning and we look forward to having you as part of our great KAM school family.