Our Admissions


Are available in all grades. The school policy is 50% girls 50% boys


Pre-admission assessment

Helps to ascertain the level of development of the children in the five domains of preschool child and in English and Maths in other class. Children are also assessed in reading. 


Personal record

 Children with disabilities are admitted to learn together with normal counterparts.


Appropriateness of the curriculum  

It is expected that all pupils admitted to KAM school and college should follow the the curriculum and take up the full programme of school courses and lessons.


At Admission the child should be: 

  1½- 3 --Baby class

      3½-4½--Middle class


      5½-6½--Grade one

      6½-7½--Grade 2

     7½-8½--Grade 3

      8½-9½--Grade 4

    9½-10½--Grade 5

     10½-11½--Grade 6

     11½-12½--Grade 7