The KAM Kindergarten and Primary School, is a vibrant, family-oriented community, and one in which pupils often remark that they feel 'at home'. Sounds of laughter and friendly greetings abound on our campus. Strong connections are made between pupils and with faculty. 

In addition to classroom learning, there are other aspects of the KAM school's holistic educational experience which provide our pupils with growth, learning, and connections to the outside world. Consistent with our mission, these are programs which support pupils  in achieving personal excellence as engaged global citizens. Programs are presented in an inclusive, compassionate environment, and are designed to develop a variety of interests and accommodate a wide range of skill levels. 

Athletics, performing and visual arts, service learning, and extra-curricular activities are all important components of pupils life at KAM school, from the Early Learning Centre through upper primary . Furthermore, pupils often share that through these programs they have forged some of their most important friendships and memories. 


We are confident that each of our pupils can find learning opportunities to match their interests among these special programs.