KAM Kindergarten and Primary School was established in 2000 as a demonstration school for trainee teachers from KAM College of Education. The School was established by Dr. Agnes Mando Banda with a long history of education training in Zambia’s educational sector. The school aims to offer quality educational services based on strong foundation. The school strives to adopt and use modern day methods and focuses on subjective learning.  The school core values are honesty, creativity life skills, hard work, respect, professionalism and self-directness.​KAM Kindergarten and Primary School was first premised at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Ridgeway Campus and later in 2003 the school moved to Pilgrim Wesleyan Church. Rapid expansion prompted the school to secure another campus at St. Peters Church along Burma Road. A few years, the school secured a plot at Plot no 34587/34588/917 in Kamwala South, Lusaka.

The current developments begun when ownership was given to the proprietor by the municipality.  In 2010 the two campuses moved to its new site which initially had five (5) classes and one office.  The school later embarked upon some major expansion and development that has seen great growth in all aspects of education.  Pupil population, infrastructure, staffing and other facilities have since increased. Currently the school comprises of a kindergarten and primary with a total environment of about 350. ​The Kindergarten centre has modern equipment, large classrooms and an equipped play pen. The school has since been recording high pass rate at Grade Seven Level. The average number of pupils per class is 25 – 30 and handled by a class teacher and a teacher aid. It also has dedicated and qualified teachers who help provide a friendly atmosphere that is suitable of child’s growth and education. The school uses an integrated curriculum which coordinates many subjects’ areas and utilizes a holistic approach to learning.  This approach makes it easy for teachers to provide knowledge and skills development activities in context and not in isolation.   

Learners at KAM Kindergarten and Primary School are involved in the extension reading program where they are encouraged to take home readers appropriate for their reading age and level. Parents are expected to actively take part in their children’s reading program.  Regular homework is given to pupils in order to reinforce what is taught in the classroom. Moreover, mid – term and end of term assessments are given to the learners and term reports are made available to the pupils in the last week of closing schools thought opens after was introduced to discuss the challenges and positives of the child’s performance in all before the term ends. Extra- curricular activities in form of organized games, clubs are done once a week.

​The school is committed to supporting children’s development and learning respecting individual differences and helping children learn to live, play and work cooperatively.  It also strives in promoting children self-awareness, competence, self-worth, resiliency and physical well-being.