Headteacher's Welcome

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We aim to develop each child as an individual nurturing their strengths and talents; we give our pupils responsibility and believe that they should be supported to do their best in a positive, hard-working learning environment. We place a strong emphasis on creativity and ensuring that our pupils enjoy learning and have fun. Each child is cherished and empowered to achieve academically; good manners and respect for one another are highly valued. Children at KAM are enthusiastic, motivated and keen to learn; when you visit KAM you will see happy children whose excellent behaviour reflects their enthusiasm.

Starting school is a very important time for children and parents and at KAM we encourage you to participate fully in your child’s education. Close working relationships between parents, teachers and children ensure the best possible opportunities for achievement, progress and success. Our staff are always happy to talk to parents if there are any questions you would like to discuss.

We welcome visitors – come to KAM school and see for yourself what makes us so proud to be part of this school.

Mr. Edwin Miyoba - Head Teacher