The KAM Kindergarten and Primary School uniform is the most visible marketing brand of our school. More often than not it is how we as a school are judged by visitors and the local community. As such, every student in our school is a walking ambassador for KAM and therefore should always wear the uniform with pride. This page contains everything you need to know about our uniform. Parents and pupils are expected to adhere to these regulations at all times.

Formal Days

Certain calendar days are scheduled as No 1 Uniform days (usually Mondays when we have assemblies, Tuesdays and Thursday). These formal days require students to ensure that they dress accordingly. Certain formal functions during the year may also require students to wear their No 1 Uniforms.

Marking Of Uniforms

Parents are to ensure that every single item of their child’s uniform is clearly marked before the start of the school term. The School does not assume any responsibility for any lost or stolen items. It remains the responsibility of every pupil to ensure that they look after their belongings.

Interhouse Events

At all interhouse events pupils are required to wear their House shirt (red, green, blue, yellow) with their KAM  Tracksuit pants. 

School Trips

Depending on the activity, students are to travel in the required Sports Uniform. In most cases the school tracksuit should also be worn.